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Tushar Agrawal

Founder & CEO

Tushar Agrawal, General Partner of the fund, is a highly experienced early-stage investor with over a decade in corporate roles.

Focused exclusively on early-stage venture investments for many years, he has invested in over 50+ startups, overseeing the entire investment cycle, including successful exits.

Active in the ecosystem, Tushar has led investment teams to achieve top-tier results. An alumnus of IIM Indore and a participant in communities such as Ondeck and TiE, Tushar brings a wealth of knowledge and networks to Truetribe.

Tushar has built Dexter Angels from scratch, and is currently serving as Investment committee member of IIM Indore Alumni Angel Fund

At Truetribe, Tushar is dedicated to supporting founders and building a tribe where entrepreneurs receive all the help to build great long-term businesses. He believe that India’s digital commerce is a defining opportunity for the next decade.

A dedicated reader, Tushar describes his true passion as deciphering the science of Venture Capital and helping good people win

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